Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches

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Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches

Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches
Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches
Overall Rating : 2.5 2.5 Star Rating (10)

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Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches

Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches
Rating 2.5 out of 5 ( 10 ratings )
10+ user reviews.

Product Specifications

Watch Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection NameCitizen
Model numberAT4003-04E
Part NumberAT4003-04E
Item ShapeRound
Dial window material type Anti reflective sapphire
Display TypeAnalog
Clasp Deployment clasp with push-button
Case materialStainless steel
Case diameter42
Case Thickness11
Band MaterialCrocodile leather
Band lengthMen's Standard
Band width24 millimeters
Band ColorBrown
Dial colorBlack
Bezel materialStainless steel
Bezel function Stationary
Calendar Perpetual calendar
Special featuresChronograph
Item weight3 Pounds
Movement Japanese quartz
Water resistant depth660 Feet
Warranty typeContact seller of record

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    Product Details

    • Brand: Citizen
    • Model: AT4003-04E
    • Released on: 2012-02-20
    • Dimensions: 3.00 pounds
    • Band material: leather-crocodile
    • Bezel material: stainless-steel
    • Case material: stainless-steel
    • Clasp type: deployment-clasp-with-push-button
    • Dial color: black
    • Dial window material: antireflective-sapphire
    • Movement type: japanese-quartz
    • Water-resistant to 660 feet


    • Atomic timekeeping, the most accurate watch in the world
    • Stainless steel rose gold tone case with genuine crocodile strap, 42mm case
    • Non reflective sapphire glass
    • 1 second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes, perpetual calendar, radio controlled in 5 time zones, alarm, 12/24 hour time, power reserve indicator
    • 200 meters water resistant

    Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    Very Nice Timepiece
    By J. Wilkins
    This is a pricey watch. I don't normally buy pricey watches as I'm very hard on watches. I usually like to keep it below $200. BUT I decided to splurge on this one because I kept forgetting to reset the date on my old watch and never knew what day it was (some would call that senility, I blame it on the watch...) and since this watch has a perpetual calendar I'll never have to reset the date - at least not till the year 2100, but by then I'll surely be in the market for a new watch anywa! :)

    At any rate, the photos simply don't do this watch justice. It is perhaps one of the most handsome timepieces currently on the market today and, although the price is a bit hard to swallow, still one of the best prices for a watch within its class (e.g. Perpetual Chrono, Eco, etc.).

    I took off one star because for whatever reason I can't get the crown to lock in. The instructions are pretty simple to do that, it's just that the steps they recommend don't work and it's really not worth my time to call the company to find out what's up with that.

    That said, I still love the watch and am not too concerned about the crown locking since none of the functionality available with the crown in the "down" position would cause major issues. One thing I really like about it is that I can wear with work clothes (business casual), dress clothes (suit and tie), and jeans. Very versatile design that looks good with pretty much anything!

    Also, you'll note that there are other time pieces that look similar to this one, yet are much less expensive. A couple of distinguishing factors of this timepiece are:

    - Genuine Alligator Leather Band
    - Sapphire Crystal (vs. acrylic or mineral)
    - Perpetual Calendar (puts it in the top tier of analog timepieces)
    - Water Resistant up to 200M (no, I'll never go diving or even swimming with it, but it's a comfort to know that getting a little water splashed on it or into an ice chest full of icy water with it on isn't going to damage it)

    Overall, VERY happy with it and would recommend it as the most value for your buck when looking for a high end watch with these features.

    Addictive Technology
    By Tim Naff
    ***The rest of this review was done right after I bought the watch, based in part on my experience of several years with another Citizen eco-drive atomic. I'm updating the review now that I've now had this one three months. With a collection of some of the world's best watches on hand, I now prefer this one. It looks as good as about any watch at any price; it's as accurate as any watch at any price (it's not possible to be more accurate in any useful way); and it is totally self-sufficient. All you have to do is wear it. You never set it; you never change batteries. I've learned to love the band, which is easy-on/easy-off and looks expensive. The watch is big enough to look current and stylish, but not childishly bulky and clunky. It looks expensive. It is equally at-home in a board room or ball room, or on the golf course. I've not babied it, but it looks identical to the way it did on the day I opened the box. In spite of the fact that I was already jaded by its predecessor, it has grown on me. Now on to my original review...***

    Three years ago, I bought the titanium Skyhawk version of the eco-drive atomic. I have a Rolex, Breitling, and Tag, plus some very cool antique watches and other contemporary models. But once I got used to the Skyhawk, I couldn't take it off. There is something addictive about having absolute confidence that you know the time to the second. You don't have to worry about batteries running down or mechanical winders, or any other keep-it-going issues. I've never, ever had it read anything other than a full charge on the battery. I wear long-sleeve shirts during the week, but the watch keeps charged, probably catching up on the weekend. Every now and then I'll leave it out on the deck in the sun just to make sure it gets a full charge periodically, but I might wait more than 6 months between such chargings.

    The Skyhawk has always worked flawlessly, and I have been fairly rough on it. I'm personally not concerned at all about warrantees.

    Summer before last, I was riding trains a lot in Europe. When you come into a Swiss train station, they have these clocks mounted on posts by the tracks. Every other post has a clock. The clocks have second hands that you can see moving in synchronization. There is nothing cooler than looking down at your watch and seeing your second hand moving in absolute synchronization with that line of Swiss railroad clocks.

    I was at a conference a year ago and saw a guy wearing a Skyhawk. I walked up and asked him about his watch. Strangely, the guy he was talking to was wearing one too. We all three agreed that once you've worn one for awhile, you don't want to be without it.

    So I had a problem: Whenever I wore another watch, I just didn't feel right until I got the Skyhawk back on. Yet there were times that the industrial look of the Skyhawk wasn't appropriate. The watch just doesn't go with cufflinks, if you know what I mean. I needed to have a dressier looking watch that gave me the same perfection in performance and reliability of the Skyhawk. The answer is the A-T, which looks more sophisticated while maintaining a high-tech look.

    It is a significantly different watch from the Skyhawk. When I first got the AT, the band took a little getting used to. Initially, I was disappointed that the only European time zone was (oddly) London, but there is a work-around, and it's not what you'd think. I've found that you can manually set the time to whatever you want, and as long as it's an integral number of hours different from where the watch thinks it is, the watch will keep the time perfectly. So if you're in Paris or Rome, you can set the watch for London and advance it an hour. There is a separate independent setting that makes the watch function without radio control, but you don't have to do that, and you shouldn't want to.

    Once you tell the watch what month it is and where you are in the leap year cycle, it tracks the days perfectly, and you NEVER have to fuss with adjusting days. Like I said, perfect time is addictive.

    Currently anybody with a few tens of thousands of dollars can go in the watch-making business. You can have faces and cases fabricated to your specifications and buy the works dirt cheap. There is a pecking order for quartz watches in cost: Chinese is cheapest; Japanese is next; and Swiss is the most expensive. But if you buy works in any quantity, they're all pretty cheap. Check eBay and see how many different watches you can buy for ridiculously low prices. Everybody's jumped on the bandwagon of making cheap watches, and the quartz watches, even the Chinese, are really not that bad. With this thundering herd of competition, the traditional watchmakers now find themselves in a different world. Among the Japanese name brands, Citizen and Seiko are still the best. I believe that in fit, finish, and features for the dollar, especially on chronographs, Citizen is the best among all brands, from all countries, period. These eco-drive atomics are in a class by themselves that the cheap watch-makers can't imitate. Lexus continues to pursue perfection in automobiles. Citizen, i believe, has found it for watches in the crucial areas of convenience, reliability, and accuracy.

    So Far So Good - Best Watch for the $$$
    By Old Dude
    The AT 4003-04E is the best performing watch I have ever owned. During nighttime hours I needed continuously luminous hands along with continuously auto time-adjust and durability. I own another Citizen Nighthawk which has more digital features but doesn't perform as well and hands aren't luminous unless completely dark and watch is overcharged. Is somewhat pricey for the $$$ and features, but this Citizen still beats comparable Casio Pathfinders and other watches with digital features without spending ridiculous amounts to know what time it is.

    Customer reviews

    This product was added to our catalog on 09 September, 2011.

    Olivia Jones
    (Wyoming , USA)

    I saw this "Citizen Men's AT4003-04E" in sears and thought it was an awsome. I just could not pay sears price. After performing some analysis and reading all of the reviews I decided to buy it here.

    Emma Bell
    (Ohio , United States)

    My husband and I purchased Citizen Men's AT4003-04E for our baby to be. We were suprised by very good quality.

    Mia Job
    (North Dakota , United States)

    "Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono" is quiet good, and not too pricey considering what you get for the price.

    Ava Mitchell
    (South Dakota , USA)

    I got this Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual Chrono A-T Limited Edition Watch: Citizen: Watches a couple of hours back and this is my first impression and setup experience. It's just so good.

    Abigail Barnes
    (Wisconsin , United States)

    The quality of this "Citizen Men's AT4003-04E Perpetual" is incredible.

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